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When it comes to quality, consistency is key

It’s an age old dilemma in the wine industry. Is it better...
Il Sigaro della Sera
It’s an age old dilemma in the wine industry. Is it better to have a consistent taste or flavor for a brand year on year, or is it more rewarding to let different vintages have different characteristics? After all, there is a fine line between reliable and predictable. Many wineries get around this problem by creating single vineyard wines. While you generally know what to expect from the wine, it will still vary year by year, so there is still some element of discovery with each new vintage. But what about cigar making?
Every cigar is different. From the way its made to the type of tobacco used in it. Thankfully, the quality of tobacco leaves harvested doesn’t vary as much year on year as grapes do. But while many cigars are made with a wide variety of different tobaccos, Toscano cigars are made with just one type of crop - much like a premium single vineyard wine.
Chosen for its smooth, elegant taste, fire-cured Kentucky tobacco is the only type of tobacco used to make Toscano cigars. From the wrapper, to the filling, different parts of the leaf are crafted into shape by hand and used to create the finished cigar.
It may originate in Kentucky, but this type of tobacco has adapted well to the warm Tuscan climate, creating a distinctive taste that is different to those from American grown Kentucky tobacco. Most of the Kentucky tobacco used by Toscano comes from the Province of Arezzo, also home to fine Chianti wines.
Harvesting itself is a challenge, and great care must be taken not to damage any of the leaves, as it may impact the flavor or their structure – essential to make a firm wrapper. Kentucky is a difficult tobacco to grow and very susceptible to over/under watering and sudden changes in climate, but skill and perseverance in the cultivation has ensured that the crop has come to thrive in Tuscany. It’s this attention to detail that rewards those that enjoy Toscano cigars with every puff of perfection.