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Spending time on the golf course has many parallels to spending time with a good cigar. Both can offer welcome distractions from the demands of everyday life, offering the pleasures of relaxation, while stimulating focus and reflection.

So strong is the connection between cigars and golf, that while most sports-grounds and public spaces are busy huffing and puffing and trying to stamp out tobacco use forever, golfers are generally able to quietly go about enjoying their two favorite pass-times together, just as they have for decades.

Unlike most sports-fields, golfers enjoy wide open spaces and are often quite far away from people other than their own close friends and caddy. This creates a feeling of personal space and liberty, in which a cigar naturally belongs. Golfers tend to choose quite large cigars to enjoy during a game. A round of golf can last a long time, so the pleasure is enhanced with a cigar that can go the distance. Between shots, or while the golfer is lining up a shot, a lit cigar may be left for a minute or two, so it’s important it doesn’t go out, larger cigars can continue to burn as they await the return of their master. Of course, golfers don’t want to be smoking the whole time they’re on the course -many golfers say one cigar for every 9 holes is the perfect ratio.

For real cigar aficionados, there are a plethora of accessories available to make the experience more enjoyable. Hard cases are a good idea, to protect cigars from being crushed – especially if you keep them in your golf bag. You can buy small portable humidors to keep your cigars at the perfect humidity and even temperature. And the dilemma of where to place your cigar while you take a swing? Niftily solved with the ultimate indulgence - ‘cigar pegs’ that push into the grass and gently cradle your cigar while you swing.