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Il Sigaro della Sera

Since production started in 1818, the taste of Toscano cigars soon won a place in Italian hearts. Much of the rise in popularity of the Toscano was down the Grand Duchy – the ruling dukes who had a passion for the cigar. In Florence, the distinctive Toscano aroma became part of everyday life on the streets and was a scent that came to remind many of home. But as the Duchys were of Austrian origin, life became uncomfortable when Italians began to take control of their own country.

In 1859, when the Duke of Tuscany – Leopold II – was driven out of Tuscany as part of the unification of Italy, he placed a curse on the city in bitterness. So strong was Florence’s attachment to the cigar that Leopold vowed that the people of the city would never smoke the same cigars again. Legend has it that the people of Florence never have experienced a cigar quite like those they enjoyed during Leopold’s time. But despite lamenting their loss, it was seen as a worthy sacrifice to see Austrian rule banished from the region and control handed over to genuine Italians.

While the rich, powerful taste of the Toscano continues to this day, there
are more ways to enjoy it, including The Grand Duchy Toscanello, aged for longer than the standard cigar, resulting in a smooth and more rounded aroma, it’s a celebration of a Tuscan legacy that began so long ago.