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Italians behind the wheel

Italians behind the wheel
Perhaps more than any other Europeans, Italians have a reputation for being, shall we say ‘curious’, drivers on the roads. Not every Italian drives like a maniac, but the passion for self expression and desire to always be the best, can bring out some of the more interesting sides of Italian nature – especially in the privacy of their own vehicles. 
Here are some of the characters you may spot on the roads in Italy:
The rager
Enthusiastic use of the horn, rapid accelerating and decelerating, the rager is impatient and prone to hurling insults at fellow road users in their way.
The timid
With so many crazy drivers around it’s no surprise that some people are super cautious, But timid drivers take it to the extreme, driving excruciatingly slowly, waiting too long at intersections and holding up the traffic.
The magpie

Easily distracted, the magpie is constantly fiddling. Their phone, their radio, their glove-box, they focus on almost anything but the very thing they should be concentrating on – the road.
The multi-tasker
Time is precious, and time stuck in traffic is a waste of time. So multi-taskers treat their vehicles like an extension of their home or office. From applying make-up, to using their laptops, it’s all about being efficient.
The bubbler
Forgetting that the windows in their car are transparent, these drivers act like no one can see them in their car – their own private bubble. Whether singing, drumming on the dashboard or picking their nose, they’re lost in their own little world, yet act with shock if they catch you watching them.