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Passion for soccer in all shapes and sizes

Passion for soccer in all shapes and sizes
Italy is a nation of soccer fanatics, united by a love of soccer. But while their passion may be the same, they way fans express their devotion is different for everyone. So here’s a run-down on some of the classic Italian soccer supporter stereotypes you might come across.
1.    The Noisemaker
This guy knows that it’s a supporter’s duty to not just cheer their team on, but help them secure victory. They’re the first to blow the victory trumpet out of the car window, and the last to leave the sofa after a blow of defeat. When going to a game in person, they’ll be making as much noise as possible to distract the opposition. He’s annoying to rival teams, but entertaining to fellow supporters.
2.    The Armchair Expert

Never question an armchair expert. They are always right. And even when they’re wrong, they’ll find a way to discredit you. They know the lives and anecdotes of every player. Can quote insignificant statistics going back years and are masters of strategy. Whatever the team manager’s game-plan, the armchair expert has a better one. If only they could get an audience to hear it.
3. The Superstitious
The result of every game is down to fate. Or so The Superstitious believe. So they do everything they can to tip the odds in their favor. This usually involves having a carefully rehearsed set of pre-game rituals that must never be broken. A lucky shirt, a favorite seat, a pre-match song, the positive energy is all about routine. Break it, and it could spell disaster.
4) The Fretter

Watching soccer is meant to be fun. Not for The Fretter. They’re so passionate about the game that it consumes their every waking moment. Stress, loss of sleep and that nerve-wracking feeling that descends at kick-off. Sometimes the pressure of being a fan is all too much and games are experienced with their hands over their eyes.
5) The Wannabe
For every successful soccer player, there are thousands of soccer-mad kids who never made it to the big time. They make up for their failed ambition by being loyal followers and daydreaming. When playing soccer in the park they may even create their own commentary of their play as it unfolds. And when they have a son, you can be sure they’ll do all they can to set them on a path to professional soccer glory, sending the story full circle.