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The Tuscan hills: not just beautiful, but exhilarating

The Tuscan hills: not just beautiful, but exhilarating
With a landscape as picturesque as Tuscany, it’s no surprise that people enjoy spending their leisure-time there. And with the high gradients, winding roads and many hills come an added benefit – speed. Italians have a long standing passion for racing, and is home to many world champions, so it was only a matter of time before Tuscany’s hills were used to create the setting for an exhilarating race.
One of Italy’s most famous races – The Italian Grand Prix, used to take place on The Montenero Circuit, a 20km road course that skirted around the streets of Livorno on the Tuscan Coast. Starting in the late 1920s, the race drew large crowds for over a decade, who thrilled at the chance to be a part of the race, watching the cars wind their way up the hills – and charge down them at great speeds to the water’s edge.
With 100 curves, constant gear shifts, slaloms and sheer drops without crash barriers, the challenging race was eventually declared ‘too dangerous’ and ceased being a regular fixture on the racing calendar in 1939. Fortunately, the stunning scenery and exciting hills of Livorno are still yours to enjoy, though we recommend you drive a little slower and please, put on your seatbelt.