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The best quality leather in the world?

Ask many manufacturers where the best quality leather in the world comes from and many will tell you Tuscany.

The region has a long-held reputation for creating the finest leather. But just what is it that makes Tuscan leather so exclusive? We’ll let you into a secret – it’s the way its made. The best leather makers in Tuscany sign up to a consortium that guarantees a high standard of manufacture, in fact, like many of the world’s best-made products, Tuscan leather is usually created by hand. Craftsman with experience passed down through generations strip, soak, dye, dry and polish the leather hides until they’re ready to stamp with the official seal.  And the focus on quality also applies to the finish.

While much of the world’s leather gets its colour from chemical dyes, Tuscan’s tanners prefer to do things the traditional way, using pigments from natural sources including vegetables and the leaves, logs and roots of chestnut and mimosa trees. The result is a leather that isn’t just incredibly soft, but carries a distinctive, warm natural fragrance. Best of all, the natural dyes result in an aging process that many believe improves the look of the leather over time.