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Beyond Toscano

One of the world’s most exciting roads

Italy has plenty of relaxing, easy-going drives to enjoy. But for breath-taking views and a real driving challenge, it’s hard to beat the Stelvio Pass. Located in the Alps, at an altitude of over 9 thousand feet, it’s the highest paved road in the Eastern Alps, with over 48 hair-raising hairpin bends and nothing but a low stone wall and your driving skills to keep you on the road and from tumbling over the side.

In terms of driving skills required, patience is probably the biggest one you’ll need. Both in terms of being able to pull off the repetitive process of accelerate, brake hard and turn, and patience with fellow road-users. Unfortunately Stelvio Pass is a very popular road, with locals and tourists alike, many of whom saw it featured on  Britain’s Top Gear show. As a result, traffic can take some of the fun out of the drive, but head out early on a weekday morning, and you may be lucky enough to have it all to yourself.