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If the shoe fits, wear it with pride

We’ve already told you why Tuscan leather is considered some of the best in the world (hyperlink to article), so it will come as no surprise that some of the world’s best bespoke shoe makers aren’t far away. Designs by artisans like Ferragamo and Prada Stefano don’t just stand the test of time, they define it.

More than just a luxury for those that can afford it, or a necessity for people with unusually shaped feet, bespoke shoes give everyone the chance to experience the ultimate in comfort. After all, we spend so much time on our feet, don’t we owe it to ourselves to be as comfortable as possible? Many Italians think so.

They may not come cheap, but for quality, comfort and durability, footwear made by the region’s shoemaking artisans is hard to beat. They can be tricky to find too, with many taking residence in small private workshops in backstreets or quitter parts of town where lower rents make their business model more viable. 

Many come from a family of ateliers, with skills and techniques handed down over generations and often a small, but loyal customer base. Hand-made to exact measurements, Tuscany’s bespoke shoes are yet another testament to the attitude of excellence applied to so many products that are crafted in the region.