Italians on Italians
Beyond Toscano

Sometimes only English will do

Considering much of the modern English language has evolved from Latin, you’d think Italians would have no need to use it. But while Italian has enough words and phrases to cover the full range of the human experience, there are some words that Italians find simply sound better in English.

Not just modern terms, which are often based around technology and introduced when an invention makes it to Italian shores, but some everyday words that Italians feel just sound better than their Italian counterparts. It can catch English speakers off-guard to hear familiar English words dropped into Italian sentences.

Here are some English words that Italians often use:
Asset -  Audience - Bodyguard - Budget - Call center - Detective - Display - Fan - Fashion - Flop - Gossip
Hotel - Make-Up – Serial  - Sponsor – Spot – Star - Ticket  - Weekend