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Carnivale! Expression without inhibition

Carnivale! Expression without inhibition
Carnival is widely known as a time to shed your cares and have fun. With masks being worn and identities hidden. Historically, the ‘anything goes’ attitude was part of the reason for carnival’s popularity, as rich mixed with poor and names and titles were cast aside and forgotten in the name of celebration and pursuit of hedonism.

With such pleasure associated with the word ‘carnival’, many expressions were created that reflect the liberated attitude. The word ‘carnevale’ can be used broadly to define any sense of revelry or party, while ‘fare carnevale’ can be used to express having fun.

With social norms subverted and rules destined to be broken, practical jokes are widespread at carnival, a tradition harking back to the Roman festival Saturnalia. As a result, the expression ‘a carnevale ogni scherzo vale’ became popular – at carnival time, anything goes. So if you want to get into the spirit of things at carnival, leave your inhibitions at home and embrace the spirit of liberation.