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Soccer stars go all Socrates

Soccer stars go all Socrates
Who says sports people aren’t thinkers? When it comes to considering the beautiful game, many players wax philosophical about their achievements or goals, literal and metaphorical. Italian soccer stars of course, have plenty of views to share with the world. Here are a some classics.
"A pallone ci possono giocare tutti; a calcio soltanto in pochi." 
Anyone can play ball, but only a few can play soccer.
"Il calcio è la cosa più importante delle cose non importanti"
Soccer is the most important of unimportant things.
Arrigo Sacchi, soccer coach and national team trainer 1991–1996
"La tua maglia dice chi sei"
Your (team) t-shirt says who you are
Gianluigi Buffon, national goalkeeper
“Il mio gol più bello? E' quello che devo ancora segnare".
My best goal? That's the one I have yet to score.
 Filippo Inzaghi, former A.C. Milan footballer, current head coach for A.C. Milan's youth team, Allievi Nazionali