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Beyond Toscano

Tuscany’s white giants

If you’re in the Abetone municipality in Tuscany, one of Italy’s most popular ski destinations, its presence is hard to ignore. Towering over the region is Mount Seletta, a snowy giant and winter-sport-lovers paradise.

Just a two minute walk from Albetone’s main square gets you to a chairlift that will take you all the way to the summit – and some spectacular views out across the valleys of the region, whether covered in winter snow or the lush green of summer.
Of course, winter is peak season here, when skiers and snowboarders take the slopes in their thousands. But a more leisurely, and just as popular, way to explore the area is by snowshoe. Strap on the tennis-racket-looking footwear and you’re free to head out across the snowy trails, lined with red and white varieties of fir-tree – but be sure to stick to the trail, there are some dangerous drops awaiting the unwary rambler.

When you’re done with Mount Seletta, there’s plenty more to discover in the region. From the beautiful valley Val di Luce to the peaks of Alpe delle Tre Potenze, with commanding views of the coastline, the area proves that you don’t have to visit Tuscany in the height of summer to experience the extraordinary majesty of the region.