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From the political to the romantic – Women’s Day in Italy

From the political to the romantic – Women’s Day in Italy
Who said romance was dead? The roses of Valentine’s Day may have only just wilted in the vase when along comes another round of flower giving for the lucky women of Italy.

International Women’s Day is celebrated the world over on March 8th. What started in the US as a socialist political event to mark the achievements of working women at the turn of the 20th century, has grown to become a much broader celebration of all things female.

Each country marks the day in a different way. Ever the romantics, Italians have adopted the silver wattle flower as its emblem. Also known as the mimosa, the bright yellow blooms and leafy foliage make a beautiful gift to women across the land. From busy markets to train carriages, on March 8th the fragrant scent of the mimosa is everywhere, whether worn in lapels by women as an expression of solidarity, or being carried home by eager gentlemen.

And while many women spend the day relaxing and being spoilt by their loving partners and family, others treat it as an excuse to have a girls’ only night out and party until the small hours, where the mimosas enjoyed tend to be more of the cocktail variety.