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A touch of tourist misinformation

Like real-estate listings, many tourist brochures are guilty of bending the truth a little. Whether it’s misplaced over-enthusiasm or simply a demonstration of pride, there are often one or two statements that can be considered exaggerations at best.

One such claim can be commonly be found in Italian hotel listings, where you may see the phrase “immerso nel verde”. Meaning ‘immersed in green’ the phrase paints a picture of a hotel standing in lush surroundings, suggesting tranquil views of nature awaiting potential guests. The reality however is very different, with advertisers taking a very broad view on what ‘immersed’ actually means. Whether it suggests the hotel is at the edge of a park, is within sight of at least one tree, or has its own herb garden, the phrase ‘immersed on green’ has been a running joke in the Italian holiday industry for decades. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few hotels were even painted green to enable them to use the claim.

So if you’re ever booking a place to stay in Italy and come across the phrase ‘immerso nel verde”, proceed with caution, as there’s no guarantee what you’ll get on arrival, which could leave you a little red-cheeked.