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Start the day the Italian way

Start the day the Italian way
In Italy, when it comes to breakfast, as sure as eggs is eggs, things are done differently. And yes, that means no eggs. Eggs are usually only served hard-boiled with salads or sandwiches  for lunch, or used as an ingredient in dishes such as frittata, and of course, some pastas.

The quintessential Italian breakfast is light and simple, making it easy to eat quickly or grab on the go before getting on with the day. At home, it’s usually coffee, cereal or wholesome cookies. Out and about it would be cappuccino and cornetto
– and by cornetto, we mean croissant, filled with cream, chocolate, or more commonly, jam.
For sausages, pancakes, omelets and bacon for breakfast in Italy, you’ll have to track down an American Diner, or make it yourself. But best do it out of sight of Italians, you might get some disapproving looks.