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How to spot an Italian tourist

How to spot an Italian tourist
Now dear reader, wherever you live in the world, chances are there are Italians in your midst. To help you identify them, so you can greet them with a friendly ‘ciao’, we’ve put together a few pointers – think of it as your concise spotters field guide. Some of these may seem like a stereotype, but believe us when we say stereotypes exist for a reason – they usually hold a grain of truth.
Here’s how to spot an Italian:
Clothing – This is the easiest to spot, even from a distance. Italians always look smart, even on vacation. So you’re looking for polo shirts and well-fitting Bermuda shorts on men. And heels on women, even at occasions that don’t warrant heels. And of course sunglasses, proudly worn anytime, day or night.
Luggage – You may not be able to rummage through an Italian’s bags, but there are some contents to watch out for. While most travellers are confident their destination will provide them most of what they need, Italians pack like they mean it. With (elegantly) overstuffed backs, containing everything from spare toothbrushes, medicine, mini irons, sewing kits and scissors, to their favorite brand of coffee – just in case they can’t find it overseas.
Culinary observations – A love of food makes Italians very choosy about where they dine. They’ll study the menu, talk to the staff and think nothing of leaving early if things don’t meet expectations. And if you ever have an Italian in your home, they’ll be the one with their nose in your refrigerator checking out your ingredients.
Body language – This is an easy one to spot. The Italian love of gestures makes conversations a dead giveaway, even if you can’t hear them. Look for sweeping arms and intricate finger-work…not to be confused with sign-language.