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Get the Italian look: Fashion pointers for women

Get the Italian look: Fashion pointers for women
Whether you regard it as stylish, or superficial, in Italy, it’s all about the way you look. The obsession with La Bella Figura means Italians dress to impress in almost every waking moment. So whatever you step out on the street wearing, prepare to be looked up and down and judged. 
To help women blend in more seamlessly with the locals, here are a few fashion pointers they might want to consider: 
Don’t go overboard. Find a simple statement piece and build your look around it. Think eye-catching jewelry, bags or accessories, paired with fabrics of classic cuts, materials and colors. 

Less is more. A few, well tailored, carefully chosen items are better than a whole wardrobe of fast fashion. Brands are important too, choose your brand to match the look, from high-end sophistication, to mid-range casual. 

If in doubt, get advice. There’s no shame in seeing a style consultant, in fact, many Italian women do. 

If all else fails, stick with black. The little black dress, high heels and sunglasses will get you safely through most occasions.