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A few more superstitions

A few more superstitions
Being a superstitious bunch, it seems there’s no end of dos and don’ts for Italians to worry about for fear of jinxing themselves or being unlucky. It’s strange how even the most innocent of behaviors can over time and tradition, be seen as potentially bad news.
We’ve already shared some classic Italian superstitions with you, but here are a few more watch-outs if you’d to maximize your chances of staying lucky in Italy.
Take care around ladders – Just like in many European countries, it’s considered unlucky to walk under a ladder. This originates from the fact that ladders in use form a triangle – to walk through it is like breaking the Christian Holy Trinity.
Don't open umbrellas indoors – Even when it’s tempting to dry out an umbrella by opening it inside, Italians will always urge you to resist the temptation. Opening an umbrella indoors is considered unlucky in some cultures because it’s seen as an insult to the sun-god.
Single? Beware of broomsticks – It may be an old wives’ tale, but if you’re looking for love, watch your step around broomsticks. If your feet come into contact with a sweeping broom, legend has it, you’ll never marry.
Hold the salt – Take care passing the salt at the dinner table. If it spills, it could bring bad luck. This belief harks back to Roman times, when soldiers were paid in salt – then a rare commodity. Spilling any therefore meant a loss of income.
So now you know what to watch out for, next time you’re in Italy, you can make sure luck stays with you.