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Never on Tuesdays or Fridays

Never on Tuesdays or Fridays
As we’ve already posted, Tuesdays and Fridays are often considered unlucky in Italy by the superstitious. And while most people just go about their everyday lives, just like ‘walking under a ladder’ there are some activities that people may think twice about doing on those days to avoid tempting fate.
There’s a popular expression that helps identify such activities. “Di Venere e di Marte non ci si sposa e non si parte” translates as “On Venus and Mars do not get married, and do not leave” recommending one should never tie the knot, or head off on a big trip on a Friday (Venus’ day) or Tuesday (Mars’). Some Italians also add the saying “e non si da inizio all’arte ”, which also recommends that one shouldn’t start any artistic pursuits if they want them to be successful.
Not all of Europe shares these beliefs. In Norway for example, Fridays are considered a great day to get married - Venus being the goddess of love. But if you’re in Italy, and making big plans for a Friday or Tuesday, best keep them to yourself if you want to avoid raising the odd eyebrow or two.