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More talking with your hands

More talking with your hands
We’ve already shared some of the most popular non-verbal expressions Italians make with their hands as part of everyday conversation. But with over 250 to choose from, we thought we’d share a few more.

Making an ‘L’ with thumb and index finger and rotating hand back and forth at wrist – either “Nothing can be done” or “It’s run out!”

Pinching all fingers and thumb together and apart rapidly – “They’re afraid”

Lowering the hand towards someone palm down – “Calm down”

Creating a single or double ‘O’ with thumb and index finger, palms up – “Perfect!”

Drawing the hand smoothly horizontally, while making an ‘O’ with thumb and index finger – “Perfecto! Everything went smoothly”

Pointing upwards towards one eye, open wider than the other – “Remember our agreement my friend”

Crossed fingers over the mouth – “I swear it’s true”