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Good news for Rome’s goldfish

Good news for Rome’s goldfish
Italy is a nation of animal lovers. So it may not come as a surprise that Rome has two very pet-specific laws that responsible owners are expected to follow. In 2005, it was made illegal to give goldfish away as prizes or keep them in bowls, which is now considered cruel. The reasons for this ban are inconclusive, but range from the possibility that goldfish bowls send fish blind or that bowls simply don’t have enough oxygen in the water.

Either way, it was good news for Rome’s goldfish, many of whom got an upgrade in accommodation overnight. Rome’s dogs also had cause for celebration, when a law was passed making it illegal to go 24 hours without walking your dog. Failure to do so could result in a $700 fine.

It’s not such good news for Rome’s cats though. The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, home to some 250 strays, has been threatened with closure. Located at the site where Julius Caesar was thought to have been assassinated, city heritage officers are worried the animals are causing damage to the historically significant site.