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Spaghetti: the long and the short of it

Spaghetti: the long and the short of it
It may be the pasta dish that almost everyone knows how to make, but when it comes to eating it the Italian way, there are one or two rules that should be followed to do it justice.

Long is good – Spaghetti should only be eaten with a fork. Yes, it’s long and can get messy, but using a knife or spoon to make things easier is a big no no. The art of making it should be reflected in the art of eating it. So one should only use a fork and a little dexterity.

Dignity is everything – There is an inherent risk in eating long pasta like spaghetti, tagliatelle or fettuccine. If you’re careless, there is a strong likelihood hat the pasta or sauce will end up on your clothes and around your lips. Slow and steady wins the day. And don’t even think about slurping the spaghetti into your mouth like a noodle. You’re not starring in Lady and the Tramp.

Roll with it – All you need’s a fork. Angled horizontally, you approach the spaghetti, spear a small quantity and roll it a few times clockwise. Hopefully, you’ll have found some strands that aren’t too tangled and most of the pasta wraps itself around your fork like a snake circling its prey.

Dine fearlessly – To avoid awkward social situations, many people avoid spaghetti altogether, especially when eating with colleagues or those they want to impress. But that’s the coward’s way out. Never let fear dictate your tastes. Have courage in your consumption and dine with confidence.