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Pizza eating tips

Pizza eating tips
Learning how to eat a pizza isn’t rocket science. Like most of the world, the Italians go at it with gusto and grab it by the slice. But there a few more nuanced approaches we thought we’d fill you in on.
Doing it with class – One for fancy restaurants and impressing aged relatives, eating pizza with a knife and fork may be less fun, but it does stop all the topping falling off the slice at inopportune moments.
Making a cradle – Instead of biting into a slice and risk losing the topping in a mozzarella lasso, fold the slice into a U shape at the crust, creating a nifty pastry pocket that has an air of calzone about it.
Crafty cutting – If you’re serving pizza at home and know you’re going to be eating it with your hands, you can at least pretend to be a little more civilized by serving the pizza whole on a wooden board and using a cutting wheel to slice it.
Choosing sides – Most people hold the crust while eating a slice of pizza. It’s cleaner on the fingers and you can dip the crust in sauce to flavor it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Try a small bite of crust with a small bite of the main slice for a crispier mouthful.