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Italy and Brazil: united in a passion for soccer

Italy and Brazil: united in a passion for soccer
They’re probably two of the biggest soccer obsessed nations in the world – and the two most successful nations in the history of the FIFA World Cup. But while Italy and Brazil are literally oceans apart, their soccer fans have plenty in common.
Let’s start with the flags. If there was any doubt as to which side a fan is on, you only have to take a look at them, they’re usually wearing their patriotism with pride – literally. From wearing the national flag as a cape, sporting the national colors or waving inflatable versions of their mascot, to fully painting their faces in the flag, wearing wigs of the same color, or even donning full lycra body suits that turn them into a human flag. 
The best part of being a fan is celebrating the victory. And both Italy and Brazil go at glory full throttle. A love of all things carnival means Brazilians make sure the party spills into the streets, with chanting, drumming and a more than a little samba. Meanwhile in Italy, it’s much the same, with the added spectacle of fireworks and Italian drivers acting more erratic than usual on the roads.
Of course, when things don’t go their way, the passion can cause things to get a little less pleasant. But thankfully, the majority of fans on both sides are in it for a good time, making watching the enthusiastic spectators from these nations a spectator sport in itself.