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Get the Italian look – fashion pointers for men

We've already shared some tips for how women can inject a little of the Italian look into their wardrobe, and now it's the men's turn. So if you, or a loved one, want to blend in with the Italians, here are some ideas.
Get a good fit. Many Italians grew up knowing their local tailor, which means most have an eye for a good cut. Style counts for nothing if a garment doesn't fit well. Look for something form-fitting, but not too tight, and please, stay away from baggy clothes.
Check your brakes. Not on your car, but where your trousers start and finish. There should be a gap at the ankle, not too high, not too low. Show your socks, but do make sure they are tasteful. Bart Simpson does not belong on a man's ankles.
Choose accessories carefully.  A tasteful quality leather belt or bag makes for a wonderful statement accessory. A tacky money clip or cellphone case does not. 
Check your shoes. Comfortable they may be, but nothing says 'style crisis' more than a bad, dirty pair of sneakers. Italian men wear genuine leather shoes as often as possible, and if they must wear sneakers, they're usually well-kept and by a respectable brand.
Consider color. Italian women are notorious for wearing a lot of black, while as a rule it's hard for men to go wrong with that colour too, when it comes to suits, you're better off going for navy or charcoal, unless you want to look like a waiter or funeral director.
Simple. No?