Italians on Italians
Beyond Toscano

Spot the sun seeker

Italy is a wonderful place for people watching, and few places are as easy, and fun, to spot a stereotype as the beach. When summer holidays come around, the Italian beaches are full of them. So grab your field glasses and see how many you can tick off from this list.
The fashionista 
Never one to give up their sense of style, even when relaxing at the beach, the fashionista has designer sunglasses and swimwear that wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk. Just don’t make a splash nearby, or let loose grains of sand blow on them. 
The basking lizard 
They’ve seen more than their fair share of UV, these older Italians look like they’ve never used sun cream in their lives. Bronzed, leathery skin is accented with a loud fluro swimming costume, and often an even louder voice booming across the sand to family. 
Forced into coming to the beach by family or a partner, he spends most of the time checking his watch, grumpling about the price of drinks and wishing he was elsewhere.
The hawker 
Like many of the world’s beaches, Italian sands have their fair share of opportunistic sellers. From fake watches to coconuts, they make a lot of noise as they dance between the towels, but vanish in a flash if they spot the police. 
The tech-obsessed 
Selfie-stick wielding and tablet tapping, some people just can’t escape the technology and switch off, even at the beach. 
The blissed 
Almost invisible compared to the others, the blissed have got it right. The beach is for relaxing, so they came prepared with all they need to unwind and simply let the world of craziness pass them by.